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When the computer works correctly it’s like a blessing, but when it starts to show different problems, it turns to be very annoying. Error code 0xc0000034 is such an error that occurs frequently. This error happens in Windows Vista, 7, as well as in Windows 10 also. To resolve the error code, you need to know about the issue in details. Read this article for some different ways to fix out the problem. Also, you will find some useful solution that will help you to solve out the issue any further. For additional support, our experts are always available at your service.

Reasons For The Error Code 0xc0000034

There are lots of the reasons that can cause this error message on your Lenovo computer. You will get a popup message that shows “The boot configuration data file is missing some required information.”

  • Bootloader files are removed or corrupt: This is considered one of the most common causes of this error code. A corrupt or defective bootloader file can show this issue. This may happen because of disk write error, boot sector virus or power interruption.
  • Incompatible software and hardware: Inappropriate hardware or software that is installed in your device can be the reason for this error.
  • Corrupt Windows: In case if the operating system gets crashed due to any reason then it starts to show the error.

Possible Ways To Resolve The Error Code 0xc0000034

Follow the steps listed below to fix the error code 0xc0000034.

Solution 1. Operate Windows automatic repair

To go through with this step, first, enter the Windows installation media and reboot your device. Then, hold down the specified key indicated on screen before your computer boot to Windows. Thus, the machine will boot from the installation disk instead of the hard disk.

Next, tap on the option Next, that is situated on the startup menu. Now, choose the icon Repair Your Computer on screen by clicking on it.

Then, select the Troubleshoot option and next navigate to the Automatic Repair.

Lastly, choose the OS from the list. After selecting the programs, it will check the problems and solve it. This process is quite a time consuming so keep patience.

Solution 2. Repair The Problem Manually

At first, from the Windows installation media boot your device.

Then, choose the option Next and after that, navigate to the option Repair your computer. While the machine starts up, you will require to hold the boot key from the installation media. Now, select the accurate time and keyboard type. After that, you must select the “Troubleshoot” menu and then choose the “Advanced options” option. Choose the “Advanced options” in the Troubleshoot tab. Now, go to the option Command prompt. Press Enter after putting each command.

‘Bootrec /fixmbr’

‘Bootrec /fixboot’

‘Bootrec /scanos’

‘Bootrec /rebuildbcd’

Type Exit in the command prompt, after completing the process, and click Enter. Finally, restart your device for once more time and check the error still showing or get solved.

Tips To Remember

You should always keep some additional tips in your mind. To prevent the Lenovo error code 0xc0000034, don’t download dubious software or any kind of corrupt programs. It can be harmful to your computer. Always keep the device in an optimized state, as it will reduce the risks of getting the error code.

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