How to Print Screen on Lenovo ThinkPad: A Quick Comprehensive Guide

Due to several reasons, you might want to take a screenshot of your laptop. Are you facing difficulties while taking the screenshot on the Lenovo ThinkPad? 

Or are you facing a problem while taking a screenshot of the active window rather than the whole screen? This guide will assist you to overcome the situation.

Here you’ll get to know how to print screen on Lenovo ThinkPad.

Easy Ways Print Screen on Lenovo ThinkPad

The methods we have provided below will help you to capture the different sections of the screen. So, follow them and use the one required.

Method 1: Take Screenshot of the Whole Screen

There are two possible ways in which you can capture the print screen lenovo thinkpad. They are:

Press the PrtScn key

The first way that you can apply is to press the PrtScn key on the keyboard. Else, you can simultaneously press the Ctrl + PrtScn keys on the keyboard. 

Doing that, Windows will take the screenshot of the whole screen. You should save the captured image to the clipboard. Afterward, open an image editing program, for example, MS Paint and thereafter press the Ctrl + V keys together and paste the picture from the clipboard.

Press the Ctrl + S keys and save the screenshot as a file. Afterward, make the necessary changes.

Press Windows and PrtScn keys

You can simultaneously press the Prtscn and Windows logo key on the keyboard to take the screenshot of the whole screen. Next, save the captured image to the clipboard.  To view the screenshot, navigate to the C:\Users\[Your Name]\Pictures\Screenshots.

If you wish to edit it, you can paste the screenshot within the Paint program. 

 Method 2: Take Screenshot of the Active Window

If you wish to take a screenshot of your active window, then, at first, you should tap anywhere of the window in order to activate the window.

Afterward, press the PrtScn and the Alt key on the keyboard in order to take a screenshot of the window. Now, press the Windows logo key and enter ‘paint’ within the search filed. Select the Paint program and open it.

Now, paste the screenshot within the Paint program. To save the screenshot, simultaneously press the Ctrl and S keys on the keyboard.

Method 3: Take Custom Screenshot

There are two ways in which you can take a custom screenshot.

Way 1: Press the Windows, Shift and S keys Together (Only for Windows 10)

If you are a Windows 10 user, then to capture a portion of the screen, you have to press the Windows + S + Shift keys on the keyboard.

Now, on the top of the screen, you will see a toolbar. Choose the snipping tool. If you wish to take a screenshot in the rectangular shape, choose the Rectangular option.

If you wish to take the screenshot of the whole screen, then choose the Fullscreen option. Next,  you have to tap as well as drag the mouse cursor to the area that you’d like to take the screenshot of. Afterward, release the cursor.

Save the image to the clipboard. To see the screenshot, tap on the notification. 

Way 2: Use the Snipping Tool

To take a custom screenshot, you can use the Windows in-built Snipping tool. To use the snipping tool, follow these directions.

  • First, open the application or something that you wish to capture
  • Enter ‘snip’ within the search bar and press the Enter button. From the available options, select the Snipping tool option.
  • On the Snipping tool, tap on the New option.
  • Now, click as well as drag the mouse cursor to a specific area of the screen. Afterward, release the mouse button.

Method 4: Take Screenshot on the Windows Tablet

In case you use a Lenovo Windows tablet, to take a screenshot, simultaneously press the on/off and the Volume down(-) button.

You’ll notice while capturing the screenshot, the screen gets darker. It indicates that the screenshot has been successfully taken. 


  1. Where you Find the Print Screen key on the Lenovo ThinkPad?

You will see the Print Screen key on the lower right section between the Alt and the Ctrl keys on the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop.

2. How you can take Screenshot without the PrtSc Button?

First, you should press the Windows key to see the Start screen. Enter ‘on-screen-keyboard’ within the given filed. From the available result, select the On-Screen keyboard option.

Now, to capture the screenshot click on the PrtScn button. The image will be automatically stored within the clipboard. Press the Ctrl and V keys and paste the image onto an image editor.

3. How to take Screenshot on Lenovo X1 Carbon?

To take a screenshot, press and hold the FN key. If you wish to take a Full Screenshot, press the T key. 

For the active window capture, at first, press and hold the FN key. Afterward, press the Alt and T keys together on the keyboard.

You can also complete the task using the Windows snipping tool. For that, move to Programs and from there go to the Accessories menu. Now, you will see several screenshot options. Like, Free-form, Rectangular or Full-Screen.

Alternatively, you can take a screenshot using the on-screen keyboard. For that,  first, launch the on-screen keyboard. Next, click on the Alt and PrtScn keys together.