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Lenovo is one of the most popular brands. It gained worldwide popularity for their touchscreen laptops. However, no matter how large the brand is no technology is perfect and recently the Lenovo users are complaining about the Lenovo touch screen not working. The error with the touch occurs because of the driver’s issue, or it could be because of any of its hardware.

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Causes And Hacks For Lenovo Touch Screen Not Working

Lenovo touchpad screen not working is a big issue for the laptop users as it hampers their work. Moreover, the situation becomes very annoying for the client. There are various easy fixes for the Lenovo touch screen not working error. Some of them are mentioned below.

Method 1: Hardware Error

If the laptop is running on the Windows operating system, then there could be issues with the hardware which might lead to the dysfunctional touch screen. To check the error, first, open the laptop and go to the Windows logo option and simultaneously press R. Then type “control” on the search bar and then click on Enter. The “Control Panel” window opens on your laptop. Go to the top corner of the display of the laptop and select the “View By” option.

Also, choose the “Large icons” option there. From the Control Panel select the “Troubleshoot” option and press “Yes”. Allow the “View all” opportunity on the left side of the screen to play its role by choosing the Hardware device view menu. Select Next and wait till a new screen emerges on the window. Let the new window search for the hardware defects and scan them properly. If the error is found then choose the “Apply to Fix” option and the give the computer a few seconds to troubleshoot the issue. Restart the computer and check the touchscreens work.

Method 2: Removal Of Updated OS

The error Lenovo touch screen not working can happen because of the failure with the latest OS update. To resolve the issue, Select the Windows logo and press S. In the search bar type “Settings” to open the application. Scroll down to the Update option and select View history. Choose the “Uninstall” option and allow the device to reset the previous version.

Method 3: USB Uninstallation

There can be a USB issue with your Lenovo laptop. In such cases, hold and press the Windows logo and R from the keyboard. In the search box type “devmgmg.msc” and hit Enter. Select the “Mice Pointing device” and in the drop down box select the “USB touchscreen control” option. Let the device function.

Once the process is over, then restart the system and check for the update popup message. Let the system reboot itself and then select the “Human Interface Device” option and right click to disable the multi USB port.

Method 4: Registry Editing

Hold the Windows logo and press R from the keyboard. This operation will open the dialogue box. In the box type “regedit” and find the editor. Change the path and restart the computer.

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