Lenovo Screen Replacement: A Quick Guide

A broken screen can make a laptop unworkable, but you can fix it. Our engineers have provided a detailed information with a proper guideline for Lenovo screen replacement, in this article.

The broken laptop screen may freeze your tasks.

Hence, with the help of the right tools, a proper technical guile line and a little bit of patience can complete the Lenovo laptop screen replacement process.

Before Lenovo Screen Yoga Screen Replacement

Before opting for replacement, have a full inspection of the damage intensity to ensure that the screen needs replacement or not. If you see on the motherboard that your graphics card is dead, then don’t remove the display. You need to replace the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

Check all the wire which is directly connected with the Lenovo laptop screen.

After the verification is done then make a judgment. If you think that your Lenovo laptop Yoga’s screen needs to be replaced then follow the information mentioned below.

Ultimate Solutions For Lenovo Screen Replacement

Be sure that you have specific tools, before following the step.

Flat Surface Area: First of all you need a flat surface to work properly. Avoid uneven surface for the replacement process.

Small-head Magnetic Screwdriver: The small head magnetic screwdriver helps to remove the screw easily.

Pointed Needle: The pointed needle helps you to remove the bezels from the laptop’s cover.

Plastic putty knife: The plastic putty knife equally helps to remove the bezels from the display panel.

Follow the Given Instructions carefully:

At first, unplug the power cable and remove the battery from your device.

Find the screws cover and remove it from the laptop cover. Generally, laptops display panel have the rubber screw covers along the front bezel on the screen. Do this process very carefully, the pointed needle may damage it.

Now insert the magnetic screwdriver into the screw hole and remove all the screws one by one. After that, remove the front bezel. Now you can see the entire panel of your laptop. Unscrew the small screws from the bottom edge of the display panel and then remove the laptop’s screen from the device. Take a soft cloth or a tissue paper and place it on the keyboard, it will help you to protect the screen. Now take out all the flex wire to disconnect it from the motherboard and remove the display gently along with the inverter.

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