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When it comes to making some of the best budget-friendly smartphones. Lenovo is leading the pack. Over the years they have developed their technology and brought to us great mobile devices. These smartphones are pretty well built. But, there are some common Lenovo Phone issues users keep facing.

Lenovo smartphones are a darling in the tech community, and it’s all due to their price to performance ratio. But, that does not mean these mobile phones are free from any errors. When it comes to Lenovo smartphones, users have to deal with a number of problems.

common Lenovo phone issues

In this article, I will talk about some of the common problems users face with their Lenovo smartphones.

Any smartphone, be it Lenovo or any other brand, is a quintessential device we use every day. We count on it for work and to stay connected. Which means we cannot afford to deal with any of the errors.

A smartphone is more or less a mini computer, therefore certain errors are quite expected.

When it comes to Lenovo smartphones, there are quite a few of them. You will know what all are the common problems users face and what are the probable causes.

Without further ado let’s get to it right away.

Top 10 Common Lenovo Phone Errors

 Lenovo Phone Errors

  • Battery charging error
  • Problem with the WiFi
  • Overheating of Lenovo smartphones
  • Update error with Lenovo Smartphones
  • Camera not working
  • Bugged with bloatware
  • Lenovo UI eating up too much RAM
  • Phone keeps crashing

These are just some of the common errors user face. Scroll down to know more about them in details.

What are the Errors all about

Where there’s smoke there is fire the saying goes. In terms of a smartphone, if there is an error, there has to be a cause behind it. Over here you will learn all about the causes of such common Lenovo phone issues.

Here you go,

Battery Charging Error

Lenovo Phone battery Issue

For a smartphone to run normally, the battery has to be in good shape. At times you will find that the battery is not holding the charge or is not charging at all.

If that be the case with your Lenovo mobile phone. Then there is a good chance the battery has aged. There is also a possibility of a manufacturing defect. If that be the case, you better contact your dealer.

Wifi Connectivity Issue

Lenovo WiFi Error

WiFi error is a major connectivity problem with Lenovo smartphones. Some users have faced a WiFi connectivity problem. While other users have noticed a considerable battery drain.

Chances are that a hidden bloatware is causing this. But, if you having a hard time figuring out the problem. Give our Lenovo technical support a call.

We have a highly qualified team, capable of resolving any of the issues.

Lenovo Smartphone Overheating

Lenovo Phone overheating issue

It is quite natural that your smartphone will heat up if a heavy game running. But, in case if you notice, that your Lenovo mobile phone is heating up unnecessarily. Something must be not right.

In most cases, an app running in the background is the primary cause. While some users may have a bloatware that might cause this particular problem.

Update Error

Lenovo Phone update error

One of the most common Lenovo phone issues you come across. This is a pretty serious error if you ask me. If you happen to face this error, you must be facing constant crashes during the update.

There is a good chance your Lenovo smartphone is infected with a virus. In this case, the best thing for you to do is to reconfigure the smartphone or do a complete factory reset.

A factory reset should be able to resolve this error. If it doesn’t work for some reason, give customer service a call.

Lenovo Smartphone Camera not Working

Lenovo Phone Camera not working issue

The camera is one of the most important aspects of a smartphone. At times it is the sole reason a person buys a phone. But what to do if you find your Lenovo smartphone camera is not working.

The chances are this is a software issue rather a hardware one. In most of the cases, a hidden bloatware disrupts the normal functioning of the camera.

You can try to remove existing bloatware and check if the camera is fixed or not. Or, you can contact our Lenovo tech help for assistance.


Bloatware issue

This is more of a problem than an error. Although Lenovo is wise to listen to the users and slimmed down on its bloatware. But, there are still some handsets with this problem.

Bloatware causes the phone to slow down and consumes a chunk of the memory as well. In many cases, Lenovo bloatware interferes with some other apps.

It’s best if you disable them if not remove them. That way you will a spike up in the performance and battery level.

RAM Management Error

RAM Error issue

Lenovo smartphones are not known for their user interface. It’s not ugly, to say the least, but it’s no winner either. Therefore, you might face a bit of RAM management issues.

The heavy skin of Lenovo eats up a major chunk of the RAM, therefore causing the phone to slow down.

If you are not looking to root your Lenovo smartphone. The only thing left for you to do is to remove most of the bloatware. That should help you with the RAM.

Constant Crashes

One of the common Lenovo phone Issues you may come across is crashes. This error can take many forms. For one, you might experience app crashes, while others may have their phone rebooted.

In most cases, a rogue app is to blame. You can check which app is consuming the most amount of battery and remove it. You can also try to reset your smartphone, that should help.

If it fails to fix the issue. Give our customer service a call.

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Lenovo is a consumers brand. Their price to performance ratio is second to none. Lenovo has used their technological prowess in making some of the best budget smartphones.

Overall these smartphones are quite dependable. But, there are that occasional glitches users face. Now that you know what all are the common Lenovo phone issues. Troubleshooting is all the easier.

Even if you are not able to fix some of these problems. Our Lenovo Support team is here to help you out. just dial +1-800-763-4027 and fix your Lenovo phone issues.