Troubleshoot Lenovo Laptop Sound Not Working Windows 10 | Technical Assistance

Lenovo laptops come in handy with unique features and specifications. Despite the superior performance, some of the hardware issues become a challenge for the Lenovo users. Sound issues are one of the considerable problems with Lenovo laptop. Therefore, while you are playing any movies, songs or any the audio data, you may face difficulty with the soundtrack error.

So, for the regular users, the Lenovo laptop sound not working Windows 10 is one of the most irritating issues. However, our article will be useful to sort out the issue efficiently.


Possible Reasons Behind Lenovo Laptop Sound Not Working Windows 10


Due to the sound error, you may get an error message while trying to play audio like a WAV sound, CD player, etc. Also, Lenovo laptop sound system will not work in boot camp driver. However, there are lot of reasons which may result in Lenovo laptop sound not working Windows 10 major issue. If you know the reasons, then it will be easier for you to eliminate this error.

First, If you use the outdated sound driver, then you will get the Laptop sound error.

Secondly, if you modify the driver settings wrongly, then you will get an error. Moreover, your device will show the error while you change the default settings.


Solution For Lenovo Sound Not Working | Easy Steps To Follow


Method 1: Check Sound Settings

First, right-click on the sound icon at the right corner of the taskbar and select “Playback Devices” from the list. Now, tap “Yes” button to open the Sound Settings Window.

Secondly, choose “Mixer” and check whether the playback devices are enabled or not. If any of this icon is disabled, then you should turn it on.

Now, connect all the external devices and check whether the Lenovo laptop sound not working Windows 10 problem is resolved.


Method 2: Update Device Driver

Open the Device Manager by typing “Device Manager” into the search box and hitting the “Enter.”

Now, select the Sound device name and right-click on it. Here, you will find another option, “Update Driver Software” and choose it from the pop-up menu.

Then, you will see a dialog box with multiple options. Here, you have to select the item, Search automatically for updated driver software. Therefore, the Windows will install the driver automatically. So, don’t turn off your system until the install process has been finished.

Finally, reboot your system and check if Lenovo sound not working problem is resolved.


Method 3: Set Sound Format

Again, open the Playback devices by following Method 1. Now, In the Playback tab, you will find different devices like speakers, headphone which is set as default and click to select.

Now, tap on “Properties,” and you will get another tab, “Advanced.” Then, under “Advanced,” you have to choose the option., “Default Format.” After that, alter the bit depth and the sample rate and click on “Apply,” “OK” respectively to reset the Sound format. We hope, it will overcome the Lenovo laptop sound not working Windows 10.


Method 4: Restart Audio Device

First, tap on “Start” button and type, “services.msc” in the run dialog box, and stroke Enter to open the Services window.

Now, scroll down to the “Windows Audio” and open the menu. Here, you will get a dialog box with several menu tabs. Then, select the General tab and double-click on “Automatic by default.”

Finally, click on “Apply” to save all the changes.

If you still fed up with the Lenovo Laptop Sound Not Working issue, you can get in touch with us for technical service.


Method 5: Check Speaker Status

First, restart your system and make sure that your PC/laptop is not muted. If you find the speaker is muted, then turn it on immediately by turning the volume bar up.


You can open the Control Panel Window and select “*” under the Sound section. Finally, click on “Test” to check the speaker status.


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