Lenovo Laptop Repairing Disk Errors – Easy Fix

Lenovo is a Chinese organisation which holds various devices under its sleeves like desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. This company has become one of the biggest sellers of the laptops and desktops from the year 2013 to 2015. Due to many kinds of unique features and applications, the computers of this company has gained a lot of attention. Despite having so many good and unique features and various application software specific to a computer. Even then, you can encounter many errors while using the computer. One such kind of glitch that you can get is the Lenovo laptop repairing disk errors. In the next section, you will get the reasons for this issue.

Reasons Behind This Error

This section will provide you with the various reasons behind the occurrence of Lenovo laptop repairing disk errors.

  • You can get this error due to the bad sectors within the hard drive.
  • Even due to virus attack, a sudden failure of power, even for physical damage, you may face this error.
  • Sometimes, if some files get corrupted, then also you might even encounter this very issue.

In the upcoming section, you will get the solution for this issue.

Steps to Solve The Lenovo Laptop Repairing Disk Errors

In this section, you will get various possible solutions that will help you to solve this very glitch very efficiently.

Use The Check Disk Utility

In the Windows Operating System, there is a built-in tool called Check Disk or CHKDSK. This tool will help you to rectify any corrupted system files and bad sectors by checking the hard disk. Most of the problems can be solved with this utility. In order to solve this error follow the steps below.

  • First, to launch the search text area, tap on the combination of ‘Windows Logo + S’ simultaneously. Inside it type command prompt. Now, from the output of the search, choose ‘Command Prompt’ option.
  • Within the Command Prompt’ window, type in the following command – ‘chkdsk X: /r /f’ and tap on ‘Enter’ key to execute. In the command, ‘X’ represents the hard drive letter, then ‘/r’ and  ‘/f’ are the parameters for CHKDSK.
  • When this command executes then the tools starts to scan the disk first. After that, this utility will repair the disk.

Use The Power Shell Tool

To rectify this glitch you can use a shell application called Power Shell, that is present within the Windows 10 OS. This application is also used for inspecting and repairing any hard drive error using a specific command.

  • First, hit the ‘Start’ menu, then go to the search area and type “power shell”. Now, from the result of the search, choose the option ‘Windows Power Shell and open it.
  • Within the ‘Windows Power Shell’ command window, type the command ‘Repair-Volume C -Scan. This command will scan the specific hard drive for any glitches. If you found any errors then enter the next command.
  • Next, type the following command ‘Repair-Volume C -OffilineScanAndFix’ and then hit ‘Enter’ key to run it. This command will perform an offline scan of the hard drive and rectify any issues on it if found. This process will take some time to finish.
  • You can even type the command ‘Repair-Volume C -SpotFix’ and execute it. This command will take the volume in offline mode and fix it.

After each and every command gets executed, do a simple reboot of your system and after the machine boots up inspect whether you are still getting this error. For that, type ‘Repair-Volume C -Scan to inspect the errors in the hard drive.

Inspect The Status For Your Hard Drive

In the Windows machine, to get any information related to any issues that may occur in your machine is stored inside the ‘Security And Maintenance’ option, present in Control Panel. This option will help you to get any information regarding the erroneous hard drive.

  • First, hit the ‘Windows + S’ and then open the search text area. In that search area type Control Panel and then, choose the first option.
  • In the ‘Control Panel’ window, tap on the ‘System And Security’ category. Now, from the next page, choose the ‘Security and Maintenance option.
  • Now, again on the new page, locate the ‘Maintenance’ drop-down button and click on expand it. In that list, find the ‘Drive Status’ section.
  • If there is any problem then that problem will be listed in it. If there is no issue, then you will get ‘All drives are working properly’ and ‘OK’.

Repair Of Hard Drive During System Startup

To initiate the ‘Startup Repair’ process you will require a repair or installation USB drive.

  • First, insert the USB installation or repair drive into the system.
  • Then, switch on your computer and then, press either the F10 or Delete key continuously to launch the boot menu.
  • After you get into the boot menu, then go to the system repair/installation disc or the USB bootable drive and tap ‘Enter’
  • Now, you will see the Windows Setup window. In that window choose the button ‘Next’ and after that tap the option ‘Repair your Computer’.
  • Then choose ‘Troubleshoot’, after that ‘Advanced Option’ and next ‘Start Repair’. Now, allow the computer to complete the repair process.
  • At last, after the repair process is over take out the bootable USB drive and reboot your system.

Use A Reliable Software

You can use a reliable software to correct the problem of disk error within the Lenovo laptop. In order to rectify this problem search for a perfect reliable application then download it from the internet. After the download process is over, install that application. Next, open the application and scan the system to find any error that may present within the disk. After that, tap on the ‘Repair’ button and wait for the application to complete the repair process. Finally, reboot your system

Ask For Our Support Team

To solve the Lenovo laptop repairing disk errors very quickly, you can follow the simple steps in the previous section. If you are not able to solve this error even after following every step that is given above, then contact our support team technicians. These people will certainly help you during any time of the day. There are three different ways using which you can able to contact any of our support team members. Via the support number [+1-800-763-4027] you can call us, by posting a query of your problem you can send a message to our email ID:[email protected]. You can even post your problem about the Lenovo laptop via the comment section.