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lenovo laptop not booting

Nothing hurts me more than when I cast a glance at my laptop screen and even after 10 minutes of sitting patiently it still just shows the logo. This is when your laptop does not turn up and along with that, also refuses to enter the BIOS boot menu. In that case, you can be sure that the trouble is with your Lenovo laptop not booting and you need to fix it.

What are the symptoms of Lenovo laptop not booting?

There can be quite a few reasons for this error that needs immediate assistance from experts. Here are a few-

Black screen

Is your Lenovo laptop shows complete black screen and does not turn on even after turning up the virtual technology on the BIOS? Here is what you should do to fix it.

Try to avoid the usage of Lucidlogix’s Virtu MVP. It enables automatic alteration in the BIOS that should not be changed. It is capable of unlocking the BIOS on its own and after making a shift in the BIOS settings corrupts it beyond repair.

Another easy hack to repair this unfortunate situation is to make the laptop run out of charge and then try to boot it. After discharging it completely out of charge, keep pressing the power button and make your AC adapter to boot normally.

No Access to BIOS

If you have windows 8 in your system in its updated version, then try to fix this situation with the help of a recovery button. Try this only if you have the backup ready for your stuff. Else, you may lose some of your valuable documents. Also, running down a complete diagnosis of your system to locate the error that is resulting in Lenovo laptop not booting issue can help to overcome the problem.

you can have the required reports on what actually is the issue with your system and that will help you greatly to fix the technical glitch. You can also make use of some additional tools that work miraculously to troubleshoot the problem and make your system boost up.

Also, make sure before dissembling the parts of the system, you have discharged your laptop completely.  And also not interfere with the BIOS setting.

 lenovo laptop booting problem

No Safe Mode

This can be a reason for a supposed malware corruption in your system. It can also greatly affect the normal functioning of your laptop. Hence, you should make sure your system is free of any virus attack. Apart from that, also have an antivirus installed on your system for better security.

Having said that, you should also check that your laptop has the proper network settings. Along with that, also the installed system software has not changed the BIOS settings. If it is the case then you will surely face the issue of Lenovo laptop not booting.

You can also try to fix it by locating the BIOs chip on the motherboard. For further assistance please call atlenovo laptop problem

So here I have summarized the possible symptoms and their solutions to overcome the problem of a Lenovo laptop not booting. Try the solutions and see if it resolves your troubles in this regard. Mention the problems you are facing with your Lenovo laptop at our Lenovo support +1-800-763-4027 to get the best solution.