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A Factory Reset is a quick restore process for most of the problems you encounter with your Windows or other operating systems. During the course use of time, people may want to restore their system to its original state, so they perform a Reset. In some instances, when users get critical errors then also they perform a reset. If you are a Lenovo user, sometimes you may be unaware of how to perform the Lenovo factory reset, so they search for reliable solutions to perform the steps carefully.


If you are one of them who don’t know how to perform a factory reset then don’t worry. Here in this article, ¬†you will get an answer to your question. You will find the specific methods to do a factory reset to your Laptop.

If you want to do it on your own, then refer to this article for easy ways to do a reset.


The Need For Lenovo Factory Reset


When you constantly use your Laptop then in some instances, you may face critical errors which cannot be solved quickly. In this case, you may need to perform a hard reset to your system.


In other cases when users want to restore their system to its new state then they prefer performing a Factory reset to their laptop. Even in smartphones, you need to perform a hard reset. When you do a hard reset to your system then all your data and files will be deleted. So you need to keep this in mind.


Before doing Lenovo factory reset, you should secure your important files and data. Also, you may keep the backup of your files in your system itself so that after reset, you will get it back. It is quite easy to perform a Lenovo factory reset.


How To Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop?


If you use Windows older version like Windows 8,7 then there first you need to back up your files then perform a reset by going to the Advanced boot option from the Settings menu. You can directly press F8 key continuously to open the Advanced boot option in Windows 8.


In Windows 7 you can press f11 key constantly to open the advanced boot option. Then you will get the “Repair your computer” option. Reset will be done through this. If you don’t get the advanced boot option by pressing the keys then wait for the Windows login command. Then again press the keys and open the Advanced boot option.


If you use the Windows 10, then go through the steps below.

  • Select the Start menu then go to the Settings options. Choose the “Update and security” option from the menu. You will see the recovery option on the left side of the screen. Click on the Recovery option then you will get the “Reset” option.


  • Tap on the “Get started” option. Then you will see two options, one is “keep my files,” and the other one is “remove everything.” You can choose one according to your choice.


  • Then you will be asked to remove “All files from all the drives” or “Drive where Windows is installed.” Choose as per your need. Again you will get two options, ” Remove files and clean the drive” or “Just remove my files.” Select one which you want.


  • Now you will get the Reset option. Select it and perform a reset to your Lenovo laptop.


If you stuck at any step and face difficulty in performing a Lenovo factory reset, then don’t waste time and call our support team to assist you.


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