Lenovo Error Code 0135 – Fix It with Experts Solutions

Lenovo has developed the mantra of making some of the best PCs in the market. But, making top-notch Desktops and Laptops is not enough. You have to deal with several errors and problems. In this case, Lenovo Error Code 0135 is one the problems users face.

What Do You Mean By Error Code 0135?

Don’t get baffled by the numbers, this error code is nothing but a CPU fan failure. It’s not that common of a problem, but you do end up facing it.

This error mainly comes up with new Lenovo Desktops and laptops. Just imagine, you bring home a new Lenovo laptop, and as soon as turn it on. You get the error code message 0135.

Lenovo Error Code 0135

If you do happen to come across this particular error code. Your computer won’t start up. That’s because without a working cooling fan the PC won’t boot.

Error Code 0135 is a bit tricky to understand. It is both a hardware and a software error at the same time. Whatever may be the reason, if there is no cooling involved. you will end up messing up your processor.

What Causes Lenovo Error Code 0135?

It is pretty evident Error code 0135 is due to CPU fan failure. But, that’s not all. CPU fan failure can happen due to many reasons. Given below are some of the causes.

Malware and Spyware

Spyware attacks

A malware attack is one of the reasons you might face an Error code 0135. If this is the cause of this error. There is a good chance the default hardware driver has been affected.

Incomplete Installation

If it so happens that a particular application is left without completing the installation process. You are definite to face this issue.

Fan Stopped Working

A hardware glitch is one of the main reasons for Error 0135. What it means if the fan has no power and is not working. You will have this error.

Un-Updated Windows OS

If all the Firmware is not updated to the latest version. There is a good chance you might have this error. Often outdated OS has internal system conflicts which cause the CPU to stop.

Registry Error

Over time your system registry can accumulate a lot of errors. This, in turn, can give rise to0135 error code.

There you go, that’s all there is when it comes to causes of Lenovo Error Code 0135. This will give you a better idea of what this error this error is all about.

Now, let’s check out what are the probable fixes of this error code.

Solutions to Error Code 0135

It’s not wise to leave shove this error code aside. Without proper cooling, your computer is sure to crash. Therefore, given below are some easy fixes, check them out. Go Through the other Post also related to error Like Lenovo Error Code 1962, Lenovo fan Error.

Re-Configure BIOS

System BIOS is very important for the smooth functioning of a computer. Hense, if the settings have been tampered with, you are sure to face this error. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to re-configure the BIOS settings. This should be able to fix the issue.

Call our Lenovo Support for help if you are having trouble with the BIOS settings.

Re-Install Fan

Often a simple hardware glitch is at fault. In this case, you can disconnect the CPU fan and reconnect it and check if it works. Don’t try it yourself if you are not sure how to.

Call our customer support for any assistance.

Update Windows

Update Windows

Updating the Windows to the latest version often does the trick. If the Lenovo Error code 0135 shows up frequently. Try updating your Windows OS, also, install all other security patches with it.

Complete Virus Scan

Now that you know, a malware or a spyware attack can cause this error to come up. A complete system scan isn’t such a bad idea. Make sure to use a reliable Antivirus to scan your system.

Restart Computer

Restart Computer to fix Error 0135

Let’s get back to the basics. More often than not a simple re-boot can fix most of the hardware issue. In this case, you can try to restart your computer and check.

If it doesn’t work for any reason, our Lenovo technical support team is here to help you out.

The given above solutions are some of the sure shot technique to resolve Lenovo Error Code 0135. While some of the solutions are an easy fix. You could need some professional help for rest of the solutions.

Connect With Lenovo Support

A malfunctioning CPU fan is not a fun thing to have. If you don’t want your computer to overheat and crash. Best you fix it right away.

The solutions are quite simple. Given above are some of them you can make use of. But, if you are having some trouble fixing it. You are free to take help from our customer service.

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