Lenovo Easy Camera Not Working – Fix It

Lenovo laptops are in high demand in the market for its efficiency and unmatched performance. Some features and high-end specifications are raising its demand among users, while there are some which are causing problems. Sometimes, while doing some important work on your Lenovo laptop, if you may find that Lenovo easy camera not working!  Don’t worry, there are easy ways to do away with the error.

Here in this article, we will provide you some relevant solutions to the issue that you are facing. But before going to the troubleshooting method you need to know the proper reason behind this error. So, have a look at the underlying reasons:

Underlying Reasons: Lenovo Easy Camera Not Working

Basically, the Lenovo easy camera not working Windows 10 error occurs when users upgraded their system to Windows 10. This problem generally occurs due to incompatibility between the older drivers and the recent update drivers. Apart from this reason, there are some other reasons too. Now, have a look at the most prominent ones:

  • As mentioned earlier, outdated drivers can cause of this issue
  • At times, the third-party application may conflict with it, and as a result, this kind of issue can happen.
  • Due to some internal bug with the Lenovo software, you may face this error.
  • Sometimes, due to some faulty settings, you may encounter this issue.
  • A corrupted camera driver can also responsible for this issue.

These are the most common reasons for the Lenovo easy camera not working.

Lenovo Easy Camera Not Working- Solve It In Some Easy ways

Although this error code is quite complex, still there are some easy troubleshooting methods that you can try. Go through the steps mentioned below to fix the Lenovo easy camera not working on your own. In case, if you find any difficulty to follow the steps then, simply get in touch with our experts, at our Lenovo Tech Support Helpdesk.

Fix 1: Turn Off The Privacy Mode

In order to resolve the Lenovo easy camera not working, you can turn off the privacy mode. Here’s exactly what you should do:

Step 1: Primarily, go to the Start menu.

Step 2: Then, in the search bar simply enter Lenovo.

Step 3: Next, select the Camera Settings button.

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the page and then click on the Privacy Mode.

Step 5: If you see that the Privacy Mode is on, then turn it off.

Solution 2: Update Or Repair The Drivers

As mentioned earlier, due to the corrupted camera drivers, you may face this Lenovo easy camera not working issue. In that case, you have to update the drivers.

Step 1: At first, press and hold the Windows logo key and then enter Device Manager.

Step 2: Press Enter.

Step 3: After that, under the Imaging Devices you will see the Lenovo Easy Camera button, simply right-click on it.

Step 4: Then, click on the update button.

Step 5: Now, wait for about 30 seconds to complete the procedures.

Step 6: Finally reboot your system for clearing up all the internal bugs.

Solution 3: Update The Software directly from Windows

Step 1: Here, in contrary to the previous steps, you need to uninstall the Lenovo Easy Camera driver. Simply give time to the wizard after choosing the option of Uninstall. Right-click on the Lenovo Easy Camer driver.

Step 2: After booting your computer up on your Windows OS, you need to press the key with the Windows logo on. Next, type ‘Check For Updates.’ Here, once you open the result you’d straightaway land on the Update section of Windows.

Step 3: Just check for updates as you click on it. You can just wait and watch as Windows find out all the appropriate drivers replacing the outdated and the ones messed up with the new ones. Finally, reboot your system when you have completed the procedure. This will bring your webcam back to its normal functioning state.

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