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Lenovo is a computing brand that needs no introduction. Over the years they have pumped out some of the best Desktops and laptops. But, no matter how reliable a computer is. Certain errors tend to stick. In this case, Lenovo Blue Screen error is one of them.

Blue Screen errors are more or less a death warrant for a computer. Imagine, your computer stops working all of a sudden. All that is displayed is a Blue Screen. Hense, the name Blue Screen error.

Lenovo PCs have seen its share of this error and its no fun at all. This particular error can render your computer useless. Even worse, it can dump all the memory on your hard disk drive.

Lenovo Blue Screen Error

Blue Screen error is one such error, that will draw all your attention. Therefore, if you happen to come across this error. Best you fix it right away.

If you think it is beyond your capabilities. Be sure to contact our Lenovo customer support. We are the number one technical support provider for errors related to Lenovo.

Symptoms of Lenovo Blue Screen Error

A Blue Screen Error is one of the worst things that can happen to a computer. If you are unlucky enough to face this error. The first thing that will happen to you is a complete PC  shut down.

In many cases, your Lenovo PC will restart automatically. All you will be able to see is a Blue Screen. None of the other functions will be available to you. There will be no start menu or a restart option.

You will be left with a total frozen PC.

Lenovo Blue Screen Error | Causes

BSOD is an error that is common to most Lenovo PCs. Depending on the different user. The causes of Blue Screen error can vary. To give you a brief idea of what’s this error is all about. Here are some of the common causes.

Hardware Error

A common cause of a BSOD is a glitch in the hardware of your PC. An error in the hardware driver can also cause this error to come up. In many cases, if the driver is infected with a virus, your system can get prone to this error.

STOP error

System STOP Error is one of the major reason for getting a BSOD error. Similar to the above point, this error can come up when there is a malfunctioning hardware.

In most cases, this issue is caused when a third party driver is facing an error. Drivers such as a video card, a wireless network card etc.

Only a small percentage of users face this problem when there are certain Microsoft error codes.

Virus Attack

Lastly, a virus infection is one of the causes of Lenovo Blue Screen error. If a malware has infected one of your drivers. There is a big chance you might face a Blue Screen Error.

These are just some of the causes of Blue Screen error on your Lenovo PC. Now let’s move on to the fixes.


Blue Screen Error Quick Fixes

Out of all the errors you might face with your Lenovo PC. Blue Screen error has to be the worst kind. But, to the user’s relief, there is some workaround you can apply. Given below are some of the fixes.

Update Windows

Update Windows to fix Lenovo Blue Screen error

Updating Windows to the latest version is often the best fix for Blue Screen error. Therefore, make sure to update your Windows OS to the latest version. Also, install all available Windows service packs and security patches.

Keeping your system updated can immune your system from further errors.

If you are not sure how to go on about with the update process. You are free to call us for help. Call us at our toll-free number. We are available for service 24×7.

Check for Viruses

Computer viruses

Virus attack is one of the main reason for a BSOD. Therefore the first thing you need to do is to check for viruses. Do use a reliable Antivirus to do so. If you do happen to stumble upon one, make sure to remove it from your system.

Update Hardware Drivers

Corrupt or outdated hardware drivers is one of the main causes of a Blue Screen error. Therefore, it’s best if you update all the hardware drivers. Also, you can try uninstalling and installing them back again.

In most cases, it should help you fix the error at hand.

Re-Configure Hardware settings

Re-configuring the hardware settings is one of the methods you can use. Often, if the hardware setting is set to default, this error can be resolved.

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Final Take

When it comes to a Lenovo Blue Screen error, best you fix it right away, before you it gets worse. You can make use of some of the quick fixes given above. Or you can contact our Lenovo support.

We work with some of the best tech guides in the business. Call us at our toll-free number +1-800-763-4027 any time you need us. our services are open 24×7.