How To Do Lenovo Bios Update? Call Us For Further Tech Help

Many times users can’t determine whether their Lenovo devices need any BIOS update or not. Even if there is a necessity to update BIOS in some devices, applying it at right time is important. So, if you are not clear about when to apply the Lenovo BIOS update, then check out this article. It covers what problems you can face if the steps to update are not proper. Here, you will come to know a few methods to update BIOS for Lenovo devices. So, this article can provide you with some insights on BIOS updates and various requirements before applying it.

Lenovo BIOS Update

If you notice that there is a recent Lenovo BIOS update available, it doesn’t mean that you should install it right away. So, before you go through the methods to update BIOS in your system, check out when it’s needed.

When To Use BIOS Update In Lenovo Device?

  • Some users believe this myth that updating the BIOS more often can speed up their computers. However, the truth is, BIOS updates can resolve issues with the motherboard and also it improves the performance. So, it has not much significance when speed is concerned with Lenovo devices.
  • In case your device is showing overheating problem, applying the BIOS update can resolve bad RAM and relevant issues. Also, you can install it when you include a new graphics card or processing unit for your Lenovo PC.
  • Sometimes, you need to flash Lenovo BIOS in order to support various chips and motherboard in your device. Also, if you are looking for total upgradation of the software and implementing the latest versions, this update is needed.

Problems You May Experience If BIOS Update Is Wrong

Problem 1

As every motherboard model needs the exact BIOS version, using the wrong update can cause critical technical issues. It can lead to the abrupt shutdown of Lenovo devices or not powering them up at all.

Problem 2

The update process is a sensitive procedure and thus any interruption including power cut can cost a lot to repair the device. So, it is recommended to consult a reliable Lenovo support team before updating BIOS.

Problem 3

Every Lenovo laptop or PC comes with its own version of a BIOS program. So, if you apply a new version without consulting a software expert, it can generate boot errors in the device.

How To Update BIOS Lenovo Device

Before you note down how to update BIOS Lenovo, know what is the primary requirement. You will have to download the installation file of BIOS mostly in ‘.zip’ format. Then locate the ‘Readme.txt’ file in the archive and go through the instructions to install BIOS update.

Method To Bios Update Lenovo In Windows

If you are facing issue with the current BIOS version, you can download and install a new version from the internet. Go to Lenovo’s official website and search for the appropriate BIOS version based on your device’s requirement. You can take help from the service tag that comes along with your Lenovo laptop or search it manually. Download the ‘.exe’ file and save it on your device. Then follow the on-screen installation instructions and reboot your PC for Lenovo BIOS update.

Update BIOS Using USB Flash Drive

If you are using Windows in your Lenovo device but can’t update BIOS, you can download it on another PC and apply in here. So, first download the .exe BIOS file and copy it onto a flash bootable drive. Then plug in the drive into your device that needs BIOS update and press F12 to reboot it. After this, locate the USB storage device and hit ‘Enter’. You can also manually type the BIOS filename and press ‘Return’ to update the BIOS by on-screen instructions.

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Contact Lenovo Support Expert For More Info

In case you don’t understand how to apply the Lenovo BIOS update, its time to approach our professionals to do the job. We, at Lenovo Support, provide technical solutions along with 24*7 online assistance to fix any device issue. So, if you are looking for best in class services from certified technicians, get in touch with us.

To reach us, you can use the following modes of interaction and discuss Lenovo BIOS issues with the experts. First, you can call our Lenovo Support Number +1-800-763-4027 and place your solution request. If you are unable to call, then place your service order through an email. Also, you can contact our executives via our live portal facility.