How To Use Lenovo Recovery Disk Without Any Trouble

Most of the people prefer the Lenovo products for their versatility and incredible functionalities. Moreover, its disk recovery process is quite useful to rescue all the contents before they are already lost. Therefore, the chances of the data lost become less. But, you can restore the necessary files or the documents before damaging of those files or documents. However, being a non-tech-savvy person, you can’t recover the contents without technical assistance. So, you can follow the article to resolve the Lenovo disk issue and resolve your Lenovo recovery disk successfully.

Using Of Lenovo Recovery Disk Easily

System Requirements

At least 20GB free memory will be needed in your system before downloading the recovery files and documents.

Your system should be updated with the latest Windows OS (Windows 7 or above).

The internet connection of the system should be fair. A weak network creates a problem in the disk recovery process.

You need to install minimum 16GB or larger USB key and uninstall the other USBs.

How to Create The Recovery Media?

First, tap on the Start button and open the Start menu. Here, you will get the Control Panel option and tap on it to enter in the Control Panel window.

After that, choose the option, “The recovery media you are going to create can only be used on this system. Do you want to continue?” and select, “OK” button. Then, select the “Boot Media” and “Data Media” respectively. After that, tap on “OK” to continue the process.

Next, insert blank CD/DVD into the optical drive and then select the correct one. Then, click on “OK” and maintain some of the steps given on that page.

Click on Lenovo USB recovery Creator based tool on the version of the Windows. Now, open the device tool and select the option, “Download recovery files and create a Recovery USB key.” After that, you have to type the Lenovo ID and password to log in and hit the Sign-in button.

Now, choose the digital download order option and maintain the instructions given in this section. Based on the network speed, the download process will be done.

Next, download all the recovery contents and insert the USB key into the USB connectors. Then, locate the recovery master file (*.RMF) in the folder where you have recovered the data.

Finally, at the end of the recovery process, the display will show the successful message regarding USB recovery.

Recover The Data Through Media-

First, turn on your system and while you will see the Lenovo logo on the screen, immediately press F12 to enter the boot menu. After that, insert the boot DVD into the drive and choose the option, “startup”.

Next, choose the language to set and click “Next” to confirm the language. Now, select the option, “I agree to these terms and conditions” and tap the button, “Next”.

Then, select the restoration process and hit the button, “Next”. After that, click on “Yes” to proceed. Finally, wait until the restoration process has been completed.

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