How To Reinstall Audio Driver Windows 10 ?

Windows 10 Operating System is appreciated worldwide because of its upgraded features. There are huge chances that if you are a Windows 10 user, then you may use the audio driver. You can enhance the audio using sound cards and audio enhancers. Woefully, various factors can damage the audio drivers. For this purpose, you might want to know to Reinstall Audio Driver Windows 10.

Therefore, go through this article and know the most effective ways to reinstall audio driver windows 10.

Reinstall Audio Driver Windows 10: A Brief Discussion

There are several symptoms of the audio driver malfunctioning. Some of them are- no audio even after the system in unmuted, interrupted sound whenever played, etc. Further, the computer starts to hang or freeze whenever the audio driver opens. It creates a MIDI output issue and WAV playback problem.

If you are unable to start the Dolby audio driver, then the audio of your device might have some errors. These could be only because of a hardware related issue. Another reason could be the volume of the speaker kept muted. Also, if the speakers are externally housed, then the cable system could be damaged.

Quick Solutions To Reinstall Audio Driver Windows 10

Uninstall the old audio driver before you install the new one. To do this, open the device and select the ‘Start’ menu. In the search bar type ‘Device Manager’ option, and then right-click on it to open.

Once the Device manager opens scroll downwards and then select ‘Sound, Video and Game’ option and tap on that. Choose the High definition audio option and right click on to that to uninstall. Now press Ok to delete the file completely. Also, check other drivers as some of the data related to it can be hidden. Obliterate them so that they do not run in the backend. Restart the computer when both the file removal and uninstallation is done.

Download the latest audio driver as soon as the older one gets uninstalled. To download the file type the name of the required audio driver in the address bar and click Enter. When the file appears on the screen, then double tap on it, and it will automatically download.


To Reinstall Audio Driver Windows 10, hold the ‘Windows logo and press R’ simultaneously. This process will open the Run box. In the Run box type “devmgmt.msc” and then select the Enter key.  Open the Device Manager and search the latest audio drivers downloaded files and click on that. The Install option will appear on the screen, click on that and then press ‘Yes.’ Give the file time to install and then restart the system.

Check whether the sound is working correctly. When the device opens, verify if the audio driver is working or not. Go to the Device Manager and select the Audio Driver. Then select the Start option and choose ‘My computer.’ Select the Manage and Select Device Manager and then press the Plus sign. If one yellow triangle pops up, then the error is still there.

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