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Whenever your computer fails to perform and slows down over a period of time, it can be due to registry issues. If you are not aware of the registry files then it’s recommended that you must follow an expert’s advice on how to fix registry errors otherwise, it can hinder your performance. Therefore, understand why this error occurs in the system registry and go through the quick methods to resolve this problem. It will help you to troubleshoot registry errors on your own.

How To Fix Registry Errors: Symptoms And Causes

Before you get to know how to fix registry errors in your system, you must be aware of the symptoms and reasons behind these issues.

What Is Registry Error And How Does It Occur?

The registry refers to the internal database that contains crucial information regarding your machine including the system hardware and settings, user profile details, drivers and software installed on your PC.  Hence, follow the points below to understand the reasons and to learn how to fix registry errors Windows 10.

  • Leftover Registry Entries

It occurs when you remove or uninstall any program from your system but a few registry fragments are left behind as leftover entries. So, if your system gets affected due to a corrupted program, then the leftover can cause this registry error.

  • Error Due To Device Shutdown

Whenever you shut down your PC, each time it saves a registry copy into the system memory. So, if your laptop is switched off, crashes or gets damaged suddenly, it can affect its registry files and generate errors.

  • Virus And Malware Attacks

One main reason behind registry issues is malicious content in your device. Hence, your system can get registry issues due to regular malware and virus attack. It modifies the registry files and causes the error in any laptop.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Registry Error In Your Device?

  • While running applications or programs, it repeatedly hangs up.
  • Loading applications on your computer take longer than usual.
  • It causes abrupt shutdown or startup and the system boot is slow.
  • Your device does not respond to the commands anymore.
  • The system won’t detect external devices like mouse, keyboard, Hard Drives or any other output unit.
  • You will face constant freezing issues while browsing the internet.
  • It gives Black Screen error in between an ongoing task.

How To Fix Registry Errors Windows 10?

If you want to learn how to fix registry errors in your Windows system, follow these simple fixes to resolve it.

Fix 1: Run SFC And Repair Your Windows 10 System

Use Command Prompt and enter sfc/scannow command in the Run box. It will scan for the corrupt files including registry in your system, which you can fix with technical support. Then you can repair your system with installation disk provided along with the device.

Fix 2: Run DISM Scan And Reset Your PC

In Command Prompt, enter ‘DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/ScanHealth’ to launch the scan task. It will identify all the malware and viruses in your system that are causing registry errors. To remove the corrupted or infected files and click on ‘Reset This PC’ to fix registry issues.

Fix 3: Clean And Repair Registry

You can manually clean the browser history, installed apps and recent updates on your system. Also, to repair the registry in your system, create a backup with ‘Win+R’ command in the cmd window. Then use ‘regedit’ and click on ‘Export’ to save registry files in a safe location. Then follow technical instructions to repair these registry data and fix the error.

If you aren’t satisfied with these above fixes, then consult our support experts.

Get In Touch With Professionals To Fix Registry Error

If you are not familiar with the technological trends and can’t fix registry issues by yourself, contact our tech support team for proven results. We have Tech specialists who can help you how to fix registry errors in your device. To fix laptop errors, call the professionals directly at Customer Support Helpline Number +1-800-763-4027. You can also fix registry or system errors by sending your queries at our email ID. Also, you can access live chat portal anytime to resolve registry issues in your system.