How To Fix No Bootable Device Lenovo Error ?

Though the Lenovo Laptops can provide the fastest and smoothest performance, still is not free from technical glitches. At the time of using the laptop, you may face errors like no bootable device Lenovo. This kind of problems occurs while you try to reboot the system. Again, if you insert a new hard drive then also the mishap may take place.

However, if you are facing such an issue, then going through this article should bring you the way to resolve the issue with ease. You can try these fixes, to solve the problem on your own.

Probable Reasons Behind No Bootable Device Lenovo Error

There could be a number of existing reasons for this problem. Here we have enlisted some of the prominent reasons that might give rise to the issue. Have a look at the reasons so that you can identify the solution faster.

  • The issue mainly occurs due to an unbootable hard disk or device. If you connect a damaged hard drive, then the system may fail to detect the bootable device. At the same time, changing the order of the boot devices can cause the same.
  • Again, a malfunctioned or jammed internal disk can lead to the error Lenovo no bootable device.
  • The MBR sector contains the Operating System files and the drives. If somehow the MBR sector is corrupted then it can cause the same error.
  • The incorrect configuration may be the reason behind the problem.
  • Similarly, the virus or malware can corrupt the system files as well, as a result, you may encounter this booting issue.

There can be some more reasons too. Whatever may be the reason, you can solve it with the given solutions.

How To Fix The Booting Error

Have a look at the methods and try them accordingly until you succeed to solve the issue.

Method 1: Reset The Booting Order

To fix the issue, at first, check the booting order. In case you identify any changes then consider reconfigure the same. To check it, turn off your laptop and wait for a while. As soon as you turn it on, press the F2 button to enter the BIOS mode. Then select the Advanced BIOS Features from the BIOS Setup Utility. Now you can check and reset the bootable device order. Finally, save the changes and restart your system to see if the error no bootable device Lenovo still exists or not.

Method 2: Diagnose The Internal Hard Disk

The next step you can try is to check the internal hard disk. To check the status, you need to go to the Run dialogue box by pressing the Windows key and R. In the search box, type chkdsk and search for it. If you find any damaged or corrupted file here, then you can replace it with a new one. After installing the new internal disk, you may able to solve the error.

Method 3: Repair Or Reinstall The Operating System

If the laptop still fails to detect the bootable device, then at this point, check the System registry files. The issue may happen due to unexpected deletion of the files. In that case, look for the files in the recycle bin and restore the same in any. In case, you lost all those files; then you need to reinstall the Operating System to resolve the error.

Method 4: Scan The Device

Apart from these, the virus can interrupt the device from booting. To resolve the error related to the virus, you can enable the Windows Firewall. It is an inbuilt facility of Windows, which can help you to detect and remove the virus. Alternatively, you can use any third-party antivirus to scan it and get rid of the error.

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