Lenovo Webcam Not Working | Solve It With Professional Assistance

Lenovo is the popular laptop that is well-designed with the high-quality webcam features. Though it offers excellent features sometimes it encounters some temporary errors in it. Users often come up with the problems with their Lenovo laptop. Lenovo webcam not working is one of the common issues that users face with regular usage. If you face such error then relax, in this article, you will get a proper solution for your issue.

When you deal with such errors is it is better to seek the technical help. The tech support experts have in-depth knowledge about the error and they can fix your issue shortly.

You may be worried about the reasons behind the error. The experts have mentioned some of the possible reasons behind this error. Go through the article to eliminate your worries.


Possible Causes For Lenovo Webcam Not Working Error


Lenovo webcam comes with high-quality features and reliability. Sometimes when you open the webcam, then you see the grey color and not your image. It means that your webcam is unable to work. No need to worry because there are specific reasons why your Lenovo webcam not working.

If your camera driver is out of date, then your webcam may not work. Ensure that your camera driver is upgraded.

  • When your webcam is disabled in the Device manager, then it will not work correctly. Check whether your webcam is disabled or not.
  • If your camera is set off in the privacy or Lenovo settings, then your Webcam will not work. In some cases, if the hardware is broken then the issue occurs.

Lenovo Webcam not working issue occurs due to the above reasons. So now let us see how to resolve this issue.


General Fixes For Lenovo Webcam Not Working Windows 10


Some useful methods to fix the error is given below.

Change the privacy settings – Change the settings if your webcam is set to off. To enable the webcam to the On position in Windows 10, do the below steps.

  1. Open the Settings of your system. Go to the privacy option, then to the Webcam option.
  2. Slide on the Webcam option or configure it to the option” let the apps use the Webcam.”

Check The Device Manager – If the Webcam is disabled in the Device manager, you need to enable it.

  1. Open your device manager then go to the imaging devices. You will see two options, one is a “Lenovo EasyCamera,” and the other one is an “Integrated camera.”
  2. If the down arrow is shown, then it means that the webcam is disabled. Do a right click on one of the options and enable it.

Update The Webcam Driver – You have to update your camera driver to the latest version so that your issue will resolve. To do this, follow up the below steps.

  1. Go to the Start option and then search for the Device manager. Expand the option to find your device driver. Then click on it and hold it.
  2. You will get the Update driver option. Select that option and then choose search automatically for the update driver software. The camera driver will be updated.


Additional Method


Uninstall the Lenovo Settings Dependency Package – Sometimes when you uninstall the Lenovo settings dependency package, then your issue may resolve. To do this, right click on the Start button and then click on Program and Features.

Locate the settings dependency package and then right click on it. Then click on Uninstall and Reboot your PC to take effect. It will fix the Lenovo webcam not working Windows 10 issue.

If your problem is not fixed yet or you find any difficulty in performing the above steps then contact our tech-support team.


Professional Assistance With A Call


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