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Lenovo is acknowledged worldwide for its electronic gadgets. But recently Lenovo tablet users are facing a problem with Lenovo Tablet Not Charging. Though Lenovo tablets are easily accessible and user-friendly, still, it makes no sense to use a gadget that won’t charge. Also, no device is perfect and with proper maintenance, the errors can be resolved.

If you are also going through the ‘Lenovo tablet charger not working’ issue, then without any delay go through this article. It will guide you to solve the bug but instead of that, you can also connect with our Tech support.

Lenovo Tablet Not Charging: Probable Reasons

The error with the charging of the tablet may be because of a default in its battery. A defective battery can entirely drain the whole power system of a device and eventually decrease its charging abilities. This damaged battery causes the tablet to overheat and affect its working order. This could further, burn the chips internally.

In the tablets metallic ports, there could be some connection failure with the cord and the charging adaptor. Either the port chip is broken or the adaptors internal wired network is cracked.

There are also some applications that drain the battery life of a gadget. They keep on running in the background making the RAM of the device continually working and using the battery. If this process continues for a long time, then this could lead to Lenovo Tablet Not Charging.

Hessle-Free Resolutions To Lenovo Tablet Not Charging

The tablet not charging is a huge issue as it hampers work of the user. Here are some easy and quick resolutions provided about that error.

The tablet’s hardware could be corrupted and requires instant replacement. Sometimes there could be a damaged battery in the tablet, or the battery could be dead with prolonged use. Also, the USB port or the charging cord could be defective. Scan the tablet properly and find the applications which are always running in the background. Stop the apps immediately and use battery saver.

Check the power cord and the adaptor provided with the device. Use another charger to see if it’s loading the equipment. If it works, and your tablet gets charged, then change the previous charger immediately.

Inspect the physical condition of the battery of the device properly. If it’s physically burnt or discolored then change the cell. Also, inspect the power capacity of the cell by selecting the Power Manager option and check the battery life graph. If the battery doesn’t seem healthy, then opt for a new one.

To see if any app is draining the battery life, scan the tablet properly. Remove the stored internal cache by clicking on the clear cache option. Once a whole system scan occurs, then check the list of applications. Either force stops those apps or performs a permanent uninstall. To uninstall the app, go to the settings and double tap on it. Choose the Uninstall option and click on Yes option. Restart the tablet once done with the uninstallation.

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