Lenovo Screen Dim Error | Effective Solutions To Fix It

PCs enable users to manage the brightness of the display screen which produces a better picture quality, decreases eyestrain and also helps to save electricity. But adjusting this setting improperly can cause an unusual Lenovo screen dim error.


Due to the wrong settings or outdated graphics driver, such an issue may crop up anytime. However, to fix the issue on your own, you should know the probable reasons behind the problem as well as the solutions to fix it.


Apparent Reasons Behind Error Lenovo Screen Dim


Knowing the reasons may help you to identify the perfect solution. Most of the time, the laptops dim the brightness automatically in order to reduce the power usage. Again, if you forget to update the graphics driver for a long time, then the outdated driver may cause the same error. Due to the irresponsive system, Lenovo screen dim problem may occur. There can be other reasons as well but you can solve that with the help of the given solutions.


How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Screen Dim|Learn the Hacks


Try to follow the instructions one after another to find the perfect one for you. Hope you may succeed to solve the error.


Solution 1: Restart The System

First of all, to troubleshoot the irresponsive system error, you can restart the computer. To reboot the system, shut down the system and wait for a while. After a few minutes, turn on the Lenovo laptop to check whether the issue is resolved.


Solution 2: Adjust The Brightness Manually

Now, the easiest solution for this error is adjusting the brightness manually. You can change it, by pressing the brightness-up key several times until you find the screen bright enough. Usually, the function keys contain the brightness up and down feature. Use them to set the brightness as per your need.


Solution 3: Update The Graphics Driver

Again, using an obsolete driver may interrupt your system features. So, it is better to update the drivers periodically. You can upgrade the graphics driver to the latest version to avoid Lenovo laptop screen dim issue. Now, visit the manufacturer’s website to download the latest update. Then, install it and perform a restart. You may see the error disappears.


Solution 4: Registry Modification

After that, due to incorrect settings of the registry edit, you may face the Lenovo screen dim error. To modify the registry edit, you can follow these steps. At first, open the Run dialogue box by pressing the key combination Windows + R. Now, type Regedit inside the box and search for it.


When the Registry Editor opens, you need to find and open the Feature Test Control option. After that, change the value of the data to “f048” value. Now save the changes and restart the system. After rebooting, check the brightness level.


Solution 5: System Restore

If all the solutions fail to solve your Lenovo screen dim, then you have only one option left. You can perform a factory reset to change all the settings to the default factory settings. If you perform the restore, then you may lose all your data and the modification of the settings you have done.


After knowing these, if you still want to perform this, then go to the Control Panel and open the System Protection. From there, select the option to restore. After completion of this process, you may succeed to remove the error.


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