Fix Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering-A Proper Guide

The laptop screen flickering is a is quite an exasperating issue. These disturb users while they are working with their laptop and even stress their eyes. Recently the users are experiencing Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering more frequently. Moreover, the failure could be a hardware or a software issue, so you have to inspect that properly.

Do not worry this issue is fixable. Go through the guide and get the best-in-class fix to resolve the issue of Lenovo screen flickering horizontal lines easily.


What Are The Reasons For Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering Error?


Whenever the screen of a laptop is flickering, it specifies that there is some internal hardware corruption in the device. This flickering of the screen causes either permanent damage to the screen or indicates a loose wire in the interior of the monitor.


The error occurs because of the free connection of the backlight cord to the main power supply. Even the damaged lights in the interior could cause this issue. An improper upgrade of the BIOS addresses the screen flickering.


It could also, happen because of a defective inverter system and failing device driver. If the device driver is not correctly updated or if there are corrupted files stored in the driver as a result of incomplete download could trigger the issue.


Moreover, if the power converter is defective and could not convert the AC supply to Dc; this may fuse the whole system. An unexpected virus attack on the laptop can create Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering.


Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering Fix


The Lenovo laptop screen flickering problem could be fixed by following some simple steps.

Solution 1

Refresh the computer properly. The refreshing depicts the draw up of the screen per second. Increase the quality of the display by switching to a better screen resolution pattern in the monitor.


Solution 2

First of all, update the device driver as this could be one of the main reasons for the Lenovo Screen Flickering. Along with the device driver upgrade the graphics and the memory drivers. Go to the ‘Start’ Menu then click on the Device Driver option and select the Upgrade option. Once the drivers are updated, restart the system. Check whether the screen is properly working on the device.


DISCLAIMER: You could also automatically update the Device drivers. But that is harmful to your system. The auto updates may lead to the damage of the computer.


Solution 3

If the problem is not with the driver and even if its updated to the latest version, then check of the BIOS update of the laptop. To update the BIOS, restart the device. Press the ‘Escape’ key and the power button at the same time. A popup message will appear, check it and press ‘F1.’ Choose the BIOS update option and then press the ‘Yes’ key. Reboot the device as soon as the update occurs.


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