Fix Lenovo Error 0162 With Quick Solutions

Lenovo is one of the top listed brands and people Known by its name. Despite being one of the best, it is still not free from the occasional glitches. Lenovo error 0162 is one of the common issues for Lenovo users. The users face this error mainly while using their Lenovo laptops. If you are a Lenovo user and are facing the problem with error 0162, then this guide is for you. We are presenting total guidance to fix your problem with error 0162 Lenovo. Keep your eye on this article to resolve the issue.

Symptoms Of Lenovo Error 0162

The signs which will indicate the appearance of error 0162 are as follows:

  • There will be a warning message shown on your screen
  • The error 0162 might appear while performing the BIOS update. The message which appears on your computer screen is:

CMOS Layout different between System ROM and ROM file has detected. AFU recommend adding /C commands of your original input commands

  • The other warning messages that might appear are:

Press, “Accept” button to accept AFU’s recommendation.

Press, “Force” button to keep original input commands.

Press “Quit” button to quit flash.

  • The warning message also may appear in DOS mode.
  • The error might appear after rebooting your system. In that case, you will get a message such as “Error 0162: Setup data integrity check failure”

Causes Of Error 0162

The error 0162 might happen due to various reasons. Here, we are giving you some of the common reasons behind error 0162 Lenovo.

  • The problem may occur due to some incorrect or failed installation or uninstallation of software.
  • Some invalid entries in the Windows registry may generate this kind of errors.
  • This error may occur due to virus or malware attack
  • The improper shutdown such as power cut or other factors may cause this error
  • Sometimes, this error might happen due to accidentally deleting some of the necessary system files or registry entries
  • One of the main reasons behind this error is “Error 0162- Setup data integrity check failure”  

Easy Steps To Fix Lenovo Error 0162

Here are some easy solutions that might help you to fix your problem

  • You can run a BIOS setup utility and then save the present settings of your device by pressing F10
  • You can use the integrity check failure troubleshooter to resolve the issue.
  • After completing the troubleshooting steps, scan your device to fix error 0162

You can follow the above-mentioned steps to resolve Lenovo error 0162 quickly. If you find it difficult to follow the steps, then you can contact our Lenovo Support team to resolve your problem. If you are a non-technical person, then we will advise you not to try the troubleshooting method by yourself.

Contact Lenovo Support Team For Assistance

If you are in trouble with Lenovo error 0162, then you can contact our experienced technicians who will help you to get rid of this issue. We offer 24*7 services for your sake. You can contact us at our number [+1-800-763-4027] or mail us for any queries at our mail ID. If you feel any difficulties to contact us, then our live chat facility is always available for you. So, contact us without hesitation.