Critical Low Battery Error – Easy Steps To Resolve The Issue

Lenovo is quite a popular company that is known to manufacture very well built gadgets. Lenovo computers have many useful features that make their day-to-day life activities convenient. Despite having so many utility functions we come across various kinds of issues. Some of the issues can be serious and should be dealt with caution. One such serious issue is the Lenovo laptop critical low battery error. In the upcoming section, you will get the causes of this error.

Why Does The Critical Low Battery Error Occur

In this section, we will provide the reasons due to which the critical low battery error may occur. First, the given error can happen if the battery of your machine starts to malfunction i.e. it cannot hold the charge even after you have charged it fully. Secondly, if your laptop was switched off for a long period of time then this error can show up. Thirdly, you can even get this issue if the installed battery is counterfeit.

Solutions Regarding The Critical Low Battery Error

In this section, we providing the solutions relating to the critical low battery error.  Follow the steps carefully: 

Always Charge The Battery When Low

To avoid this error, you should always charge the battery in your laptop when it comes to at least 30%. Follow this procedure when the laptop is new, then your battery health will be good otherwise you may encounter this error later.

Do Not Keep Your Laptop Switched Off For A Long Period

If you shut your laptop down for a very long period of time then it is possible that you may get the given error when you power on it suddenly. The solution to this is to first plug in the charger and let it charge for an hour or so and then switch on the laptop. Also, if do not use the laptop more often, at least charge it periodically.

Shutdown The Machine And Then Restart It

If you get this issue even after charging it fully when you power on the machine. The solution to resolve this problem is to first shut down your machine and then after few minutes restart it.

Change The Faulty Battery With An Original One

If you get this issue after buying a new laptop then the battery in your machine is surely faulty. Thus the only solution for you is to buy or replace your faulty battery with a new one. Always buy or replace the battery with the branded one and not with the counterfeit one.

If after following all the above steps you cannot resolve the issue, then you can contact professional technicians who will solve the issue instantly.

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