Default Boot Device Missing Or Boot Failed – Easy Solutions

Lenovo is one of the well-known computer manufacturers in the world. This company produces many IT devices which have interesting features. Despite all the different features, we get different kinds of error while using the machine. One such issue that we may get is the default boot device missing or boot failed. Now, in the upcoming section, you will get the probable reasons.

What Is The Cause Behind The Given Error

Here we have reasons behind the occurrence of the default boot device missing or boot failed error. In the steps that are mentioned below, you will get the causes of this error.

First, this error can occur if the boot device like the hard drive is inaccessible or corrupted or somehow gets disconnected. Second, you may get this error if due to some reason there is some kind of corruption in the boot device manager program.

In the section that follows, you will get solutions in detail to solve the issue that is provided.

Solution For Default Boot Device Missing Or Boot Failed Error

This portion of the article will provide you with solutions regarding the aforementioned issue. Now, here in the following, you will get some points that will help you to resolve the given issue.

Go To The BIOS Setup And Change The Boot Mode

  • First, switch on your Lenovo laptop.
  • You will have to press either the ‘F1’ or ‘F12’ function key to open the BIOS setup during the startup of the laptop.
  • In the BIOS setup, select the menu tab ‘Boot’ to open the setup procedures of the boot.
  • Among the several boot setup procedures, go to the ‘Boot Mode’ option and then tap ‘Enter’.
  • Now, tweak from the option ‘UEFI’ to ‘Legacy Support’. Inside that change the settings from the ‘Swap UEFI’ to ‘Legacy first’.
  • After that, in the BIOS setup go to the ‘Exit’ tab. Select the option ‘Exit saving changes’ then press ‘Enter’.
  • At last, to exit from the BIOS menu select ‘y’ and then try to restart your machine.

Change The Corrupt hard drive

If you have tried to repair the laptop using a Windows recovery USB drive, you should be able to start it. When you restart it and if you get this issue again, then it is possible that the hard drive of the laptop is corrupted. Thus, you will have to replace the hard drive with a new one and install the operating system from scratch.

If you cannot follow the steps that are provided above and solve the issue of the default boot device missing or boot failed, then do not worry. Communicate with the technicians to solve this issue in a few minutes.

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