How to Fix Discord not Connecting Issue

If you are a gamer, then you are probably using Discord as it is a popular VOIP app. With the help of this app, you can do voice, video or even text chats with other people. However, it is reported showing problems lately. A lot of users complained that Discord is not connecting for them.…

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[Explained] Windows Key Not Working

Windows key enables users to quickly access any application from the Start menu. But, when the Windows key not working then there can be various factors responsible for this issue. If you are questioning why Windows key is not working, then it is due to the incorrect registry entry, outdated keyboard driver, malware or virus…

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How to Fix RDP Black Screen Error Windows 10 : A Complete Guide

Remote Desktop Protocol or the RDP is one type of secure network communications protocol. Generally, it is used for remote management. You can use RDP to provide access to virtual desktops and applications. You can also provide access to the RDP terminal server with the help of this protocol.  However, after connecting to the remote…

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